Plumbers Scarborough Provide Leak Detection Tips

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Many plumbers Scarborough residents call on for home repairs believe that too much water is lost due to leaks. This causes a drain on a precious natural resource and on the finances of residents who end up with a higher water bill. Unfortunately while plumbers Scarborough Ontario homeowners contact know how to detect water leaks, many residents do not. This is unfortunate because many leaks can be detected if you know where to look and what to look for; only a few leaks require the expertise of a professional plumber to detect. More information about plumbing leaks can be found in the plumbing section of the Alltop website.

When leaks are undetected the first indication will be on your water bill. If you suspect the bill is too high, it may be time to go searching for a leak. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Testing For Leaks

To test if there is a leak somewhere in the system, first shut off all the faucets and fixtures inside your home and then check the water meter. If the reading goes up when no water has been used, it means there is a leak somewhere. It would also help isolate the source of leak if you put red dye inside all the toilet water tanks. The water inside leaking bowls will turn red from the dye.

If the water in the toilet bowls remains clear, but still the water meter reading moves after about an hour, then there is a leak in the system you still need to find. If the water meter reading does not move, you have no leak to worry about.

Locating Water Leaks

Check out other water outlets such as faucets in your home for leaks, also check shower heads and any water pipe connected to appliances such as water heaters, dish washers and washing machines. If you find any of the pipes or valves leaking, see if it is something you can fix; otherwise call a professional plumber for help.

If you know where your main supply pipe runs underground, follow the line and check for wet earth. If the area is covered with a lawn the grass will be greener at the location of an underground leak.

Check hose bibs for signs of leaks; there may be more than one in your yard. Larger leaks will emit a hissing sound you can listen for. Another source of leaks is any irrigation fitting. Try closing the valve to these fittings / hoses and see that water really stops flowing otherwise you need to replace defective valves or pipes.

While you may not be able to repair all leaks on your own, at least you can relay the information to your friendly Scarborough plumber; you’ll save him time – and it might just result in a lower plumbing repair bill. But if you are still unable to locate the leaks on your own, it is possibly underground. It is at this point when you should call professional plumbers in Scarborough who have specialized leak detection equipment.